High Expectations Asian Father

7 10 2010

I wonder how many of these lines Dan will say to James and Grace…  >_<
Credit to High Expectations Asian Father.

Insert Explitive Here

10 09 2010

My initial enthusiasm concerning this blog is quickly waning… I completely forgot that all of my videos and photos are hosted by Vox.   What does this mean? I have to move all my photos and videos to another hosting site, AND THEN update all the links on each individual post. >_< Scrapping everything and starting over fresh seems like a pretty good idea…

UPDATE:  Looks like I only have to move my videos along.   Yippee!   Guess my Youtube account is finally going to have some content on there!


10 09 2010

Over the past few months, I’ve lost a lot of interest in blogging.  Between work, family, and the cursed time suck known as Facebook, I’ve found little time or desire to devote to sitting down and writing out a blog.  Another big factor in my lack of blogging was the loss of community and increased spamming that was taking over Vox.  After all, who wants to blog when you receive at least three comments a day telling you about the newest form of Viagra or how important it is to wire money to Nigeria?  Thanks, but no thanks!

I guess I wasn’t the only one galled by Vox – Vox is shutting down as of September 30th.  While I’m a little saddened by this as I really did enjoy blogging there, I’m a little excited with my new hosting site, WordPress.  With all the new tools available here, this tired old blog may be revived yet!


Happy New Year 2010 (darn those New Year Resolutions!)

21 01 2010

I haven’t blogged in three months, and what happens when I open Vox in Apple?  Apple won’t let me type in the contents box!  Go figure.  Thankfully, my trusty old laptop still works, so the long overdue update can happen.

First off, Happy New Year to all!  With another new year at hand, I found myself absentmindedly making the usual resolutions:

  1. Lose weight.
  2. Try one new thing every day.
  3. Keep in touch with family and friends more frequently.
  4. Be less critical.

Of course, these resolutions are fairly broad, and not necessarily what I want to change/do.  So here is a more concise list of resolutions – I’m posting them here on my blog so hopefully I’ll actually follow through with them!

  1. Eat healthier and exercise more. I’m not really out to lose weigh, as I already weigh about as much as I did in High School.  Now it’s all a matter of toning things up.  As for the food, we already don’t eat junk food or drink sodas in our household, but probably need more vegetables and fruits in our diet.
  2. Learn new skills and hone the skills I already possess. Sometimes it’s not a matter of getting in one new thing in each day, as it is learning a new skill as a whole.
  3. Respond to emails/phone calls more promptly and blog frequently. With gigs, the kids, and dealing with the household, I have plenty of excuses to putting off those emails and phone calls.  But then I forget and put off replying.  As for the blog, I just got lazy.  Therefore, I’m going to start replying the same day I receive an email/call.  James also promises to no longer delete my emails…dang kid.
  4. Encourage more. I’m very results oriented; sometimes it’s not about just getting the task accomplished, but praising a job well done.

I probably could think of more resolutions to keep, but this is a good start for now.  I’m hoping to post tasks I would like to complete each week on the blog to see how many I actually accomplish!  We’ll see if this actually happens down the line.

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So What Have We Been Doing Lately…?

10 09 2009

The days are just packed.  So packed, in fact, that this is the first week that Dan and I’ve relaxed at home in least 2 months!  I can’t complain, of course – work is going great, we’ve been going out on a lot of mini family vacations, and the kids are having a good time.  In the past few 2 months, we’ve been to Las Vegas for a balloon conference, Huntington Lake at Gold Arrow Camp, and Monterey’s My Museum.  We’ve done lot of exciting gigs, and won not only Oakland’s Magician of the Year title, but also the Interclub Bay Area’s Magician of the Year.  In that time, James learned how to push chairs around to get items on counters, and Grace learned how to sit up unsupported.

And that’s only the beginning…

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Busy Busy Busy!

31 08 2009

Talk about fun filled and busy summer!  We’ve been so packed out with shows, travel, and vacations that I haven’t had time to blog!  Here’s a little sneak preview of what’s to come!

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14 07 2009

I was bored and drew these for kicks.  If you flip these images upside down, it would look exactly the same as if it were right side up – neat, huh?  I’ve included the “Dan Chan” versions both right side up and upside down.  Now if only his name could have the word “acrobat” included somehow…that would cover the whole “Magic, Juggling, and Acrobatics” aspect of him!

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Nothing is What it Seems – The Illusionist Locket

8 07 2009

For my 30th birthday, Dan gave me one of the most unique and thoughtful gifts I’ve ever received: an Illusionist locket.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Illusionist locket or the movie, The Illusionist tells the story of Eisenheim, a magician in turn of the century Vienna, who uses his abilities to secure the love of a woman far above his social standing.  There is a scene in the movie where Eisenheim gives his sweetheart a locket that is shaped like an oval.  With a single twist, the locket is then heart shaped. Upon opening this heart, a small photo of Eisenheim was revealed, with no folds, tears, or scratches visible.

The Illusionist locket that Dan presented to me is very similar to the movie locket; it starts as an oval, with a single twist it turns into a heart, and the photo enclosed does not have any tears, splits, or folds.  The locket I received is very unique as it doesn’t hold just one photo – it holds two different photos!  What a completely fitting gift from my magician!  A magic trick that reminds me of Dan, and two photos enclosed within it – one of James and one of Grace!

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“Hello” From Facebook

21 05 2009

If anyone has received a message from your friends that links to areps.at, kirgo.at, nutpic.at, or bests.at, don't open that link!  I received an email from one of my friends and decided to google the link before clicking on it…thank heavens I did!  Here's the scoop on the Facebook Virus:

"Facebook scams still spreading out with today’s newest additions: areps.at, kirgo.at, nutpic.at, bests.at popping into your inboxes. Yet another unknown URL which as soon as you login to the site, steals your email and password and then logs you into Facebook. After a while, the system changes your password and denies you to access the site.

But this is only the first step. The program then starts to send the same URL to all your friends. The people behind this scam have probably collected thousands of email addresses and passwords by now. All Facebook’s efforts to shut down this kind of scams have been a total waste of time. The war between spammers, hackers and Facebook continues and we probably didn’t see the last of it.

Even if these new scams aren’t like the versions seen on MySpace some time ago, there is no doubt that whoever is doing this has some bad intentions to its agenda. Until now, none of the scams did anything harmful to the users’ computer but you could easily assume that at some point something will happen. Unfortunately, Facebook seems overwhelmed by these scams and its spam prevention system it’s no match for these new versions."

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Seagulls are Jerks

9 03 2009

My sister emailed me this the other day – seagulls that dive bomb and steal ice cream cones – RIGHT OUT OF A PERSON’S HAND!  There is a whole gallery of images that show these jerk birds stealing cones out of unsuspecting people’s hands.  While this made me crack up like crazy, I probably would’ve punched one of those birds if it happened to me!  I’m just glad I didn’t see any toddlers that were being bombed, although I’m sure that it has happened.

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