High Expectations Asian Father

7 10 2010

I wonder how many of these lines Dan will say to James and Grace…  >_<
Credit to High Expectations Asian Father.

Welcome Home, Seaman Daddy!

3 10 2010

So some of you are probably wondering, “Why are you posting so many photos of your kids lately?  Please tell me you’re not turning into one of those crazy moms who tell the world how much they love their kids *every single day* and tweet how funny their kids are *every single day* and so forth…”  Well, while I do love my kids, there was a purpose behind the week long kid posts…

I was posting a new post every day for the last week because Dan finally was granted some time for internet access while he was in Cape May, New Jersey training for the Coast Guard!  The first week Dan was away, he was not allowed to call, email, and barely had time to write short letters (about 3 minutes to write a letter!)  It took a week for him to receive mail, but because he couldn’t sent anything out until later in the first week, we didn’t get to hear from him – or write to him – until the second week.  In the second week he was there, he got a little more time to write – we actually received several short letters from him.  In the third week, he finally got a little time each day to check the internet, and his own military email address.  The stipulation: sites such as Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter were blocked, and he could not view photos via email!  Thankfully, my wordpress account was an acceptable site to view via military computers, so he was able to see how the kids were growing and what we were up to via blog!

It was a tough three weeks for all of us – James and Grace would constantly express how they missed Daddy.  James actually had a few days where he thought Dan had come home only to discover that he wasn’t.  Grace spent a good amount of time checking out all the photos in the house for Dan.  The kids were so excited to see Dan when he returned that they tried very hard to stay awake when he came home at 11 PM on Friday night.  While they were only partially successful (they fell asleep in the car right when we got to the airport) they were very happy to have Daddy tuck them into bed that night!

For me, I found out how much Dan did around the house, and how tough it is for single parents to manage work, home, and kids!  I was so relieved to hand Dan back his phone and his email…booking that many gigs is tough!  I also have a greater appreciation knowing that Dan is back at home to protect us.  I also discovered how much I’m actually capable of, and that if push comes to shove, I can take care of the family.

Dan probably had the toughest job of all – training in the Military is definitely a job that is not for the weak at heart.  With few hours of sleep, getting yelled at constantly, and the vigorous training schedule, Dan discovered just how tough the Military can be!  He received training in a lot of fields, including firefighting, firearms training, and working on Coast Guard Boats – just to name a few.  He passed all of his tests and physicals with flying colors.   While training was tough, it was gratifying to complete his training and know how much he could accomplish.  He also learned how much he missed me and kids!

So now, we’re now an official Military Family!  Dan is currently a Seaman, but is already thinking of moving up the ranks and going back for more training.  We’ll see what he does in the next year.  Also, fear not – Dan is definitely not giving up magic.  The program that he is in – the Reserves – allows him to keep his full time job as a Magician, Juggler, and Acrobat.

Spending the Day with Grandma

30 09 2010

Being a random Wednesday, James and Grace decided that today would be the perfect day to visit Grandma.  It’s been baking in Fremont for the past few days, and what better way to avoid the heat by visiting foggy SF and the California Academy of Sciences?  As James put it – “Visit Grandma first.  Then go see fish.”  We ended up spending most of our time in the aquarium, watching the albino alligator, and the African exhibit.  We skipped the dome, as it would’ve been hot and humid in there!

Although SF was really cold when we left, we found that it was still pretty hot in our house when we got home!  Because it was so hot, the kids got to take a long bath – complete with bubbles!  It’s funny how excited these kids get to play with bubbles in the bathroom!

The kids already have planned their big outing for tomorrow – more parks!  More slides!  More playground!  We’ll just have to see…I’m thinking more naps! I a have a feeling I’ll be vetoed on that plan!

Finally! A Lazy Sunday…

27 09 2010

It’s been a little while since we’ve had a wonderfully lazy Sunday as today’s.  With this heat wave around, we figured we’d stop by the Farmer’s Market early in the morning, run a few mall errands, then sit out most of the heat at home for the afternoon.  At the market, we bought a lot of great fruit and veggies – peaches, nectarines, pluots, eggs, and grapes were quickly added to our bag.  We decided to try a few new things that we haven’t tried before also – opo squash, potato leaves, and jujubes were tossed into the mix.  I never knew that jujubes were a fruit!  When I heard the name, I thought – “what, did someone plant a Good ‘n Plenty or something?”  The fruits are actually kinda of like a drier version of puny apple.  I initially didn’t like them, but after eating a few, they kinda grow on you – we nearly finished our pound of jujubes!  The kids seem to like them a lot – I think it’s because they’re so tiny!

On our little outing, we also picked up bunches of Taiwanese spinach, bok choi, and tong ho.  We seem to be eating three times the amount of veggies and fruit we normally eat – quite a feat for us considering how much greens we eat in the first place!  After making a Lion’s and Trader Joe’s run, we ended up heading back home to eat lunch, then tricycling in the front yard for the kids while I tidied the garage. 

After the stupid move we made the other day of going to the playground too early in the day, we ended up going back to Lake Elizabeth at 5:30 pm until about 7 pm tonight.  The kids loved it!  James even made a few new friends and Grace showed off at how daring she is by going down the slide several times herself!

The kids are really growing so fast.  It’s really nice knowing that they’re growing up to be such good kids and that they look out for each other…we couldn’t be prouder!

Testing out the New Camera

26 09 2010

Dan and I got a new “on the go” type camera while we were on our cruise to Alaska (which I will blog soon…eventually…maybe…).  It’s a Nikon Coolpix S8000.  I honestly haven’t used it much since getting it – I got it all charged up, put it into my purse thinking “I’ll use it when I go out!” only to find that it actually just stays there…in my purse.  I finally got around to taking it out when we were at Happy Hollow only to realize that I had used up the battery playing with it at home!  >_<  I charged it again to take to a balloon gig only to forget it and use the big one.  Finally today, while cleaning out the van, I pulled it out to take some candid shots of the kids playing in the front yard.

The photos actually came out quite nice – I’m beginning to think that I should start using it more often.  I really love how vibrant the photos came out!   As much as I love my Canon S5IS, the Nikon really is a better option to take some pictures on the fly when going out.  I’m still up for getting a DSLR camera, though – now the question is: Canon or Nikon?

An Hour at the Park

25 09 2010

In between all the work I had to get done today, the kids and I managed to get a short stop at the park.   The weather, unfortunately, was a lot hotter than we had anticipated; it was so hot on the playground that kids were screaming for their parents to climb up and carry them down from the slides and the parents refused to move from their coveted spots in the shade!  Opting to go the playground later today, possibly after dinner, we spent the remainder of our time near the lake looking a the geese.  Much to my amusement, James started waving his juice box straw at the geese and started preaching to them!  “Say AMEN!”  While I don’t know if he was able to successfully convert any of them, it was really funny watching him and Grace try!

Gardening for Kids

25 09 2010

This coming weekend is supposed to be a hot one finally!  While I’ve gotten pretty spoiled by all these lovely “spring time” weather, I’m actually looking forward to a little heat.  The big plan: staying indoors trying to avoid it!  ^_6   Of course, I doubt the kids will stand for that.  Today, James and Grace got to spend some quality time with Auntie Elaine.  She was doing a little gardening, so J&G decided to pitch in!  They watered plants, picked some pineapple guavas, moved pebbles from one end of the yard to the other, and removed spiderwebs from the bushes with their little heads.

Of course, once you add water and dirt to a kid, you get a pile of wet clothing and muddy little faces to clean!  So we decided to add soap into the mix and the result: clean little kids and one dirty tub!  ^_^


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