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10 09 2010

My initial enthusiasm concerning this blog is quickly waning… I completely forgot that all of my videos and photos are hosted by Vox.   What does this mean? I have to move all my photos and videos to another hosting site, AND THEN update all the links on each individual post. >_< Scrapping everything and starting over fresh seems like a pretty good idea…

UPDATE:  Looks like I only have to move my videos along.   Yippee!   Guess my Youtube account is finally going to have some content on there!

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2 responses

10 09 2010
Budd Black

The photos should have ported, but the video? Transfer to Typebad just so they don’t go away. Ross had a solution for getting audio and video off your vox if you don’t have another copy on your home pc.

10 09 2010

I stand corrected – only the videos are still hosted on Vox. The photos did move along to WordPress. Thank GOD. I’ll probably move my photos on to Youtube. I’ve been meaning to do that for some time anyways.

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