Mapping the Balloon Genome

24 09 2010

I originally didn’t want to make this post public until I completed the project:  so if you saw a password protected post – this was it!  Anyways, I had a gig to day where they had a special request: they wanted to have a life sized balloon scientist complete with a DNA.   I first started off with making DNA.  I was originally going to create a huge DNA made out of 5″ round balloons, but instead slaved on a tiny DNA made out of 160 and 260 balloons so that the balloon scientist could be holding something.  Talk about pressure – holding balloon genetic material in his hand!  This DNA is about the size of a standard pillow.

After I completed the DNA, I decided to have some fun and work on the scientist’s head.  Maybe it was because it was almost 1 AM, or maybe I was just watching too much anime at the time – but I struggled to figure out what a scientist would look like.  Then it hit me:  messy mop of hair.  Mustache.  Totally eccentric.  Einstein…oh yeah!  The head was quick to make, and I had a lot of fun putting on all the hair.  I made three rows of flyaway!  I even added on more when I assembled the balloon at the gig!  You can’t tell from the picture, but that head is bigger (in width) than mine!  NOTE: graphic image – it’s a a decapitated balloon head!  ^_^

I then made the legs and torso and went to sleep by 3 AM.  I think in the future I shouldn’t watch subtitled anime while twisting.  In the morning, I woke up and made some quick 5 minute hands, tossed all the body parts in the car and took off for my gig.  I took a little time assembling all the parts at the gig – and here he is: Mr. Balloon Einstein!  He stand a whopping 6 ft tall (give or take a few inches…he was about a foot taller than me).

The gig today was a lot of fun; it was hosted at a barn in San Mateo County.  I’m not allowed to discuss the location, nor was I allowed to photograph any of the guests, but I can say that I never knew that a party in a barn could be so cool and that everyone had a fantastic time!  I even got to leave a fun little balloon of a certain balloon artist.  I’m going to have to get a picture of a balloon with her one of these days…!  ^_6

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