Spending the Day with Grandma

30 09 2010

Being a random Wednesday, James and Grace decided that today would be the perfect day to visit Grandma.  It’s been baking in Fremont for the past few days, and what better way to avoid the heat by visiting foggy SF and the California Academy of Sciences?  As James put it – “Visit Grandma first.  Then go see fish.”  We ended up spending most of our time in the aquarium, watching the albino alligator, and the African exhibit.  We skipped the dome, as it would’ve been hot and humid in there!

Although SF was really cold when we left, we found that it was still pretty hot in our house when we got home!  Because it was so hot, the kids got to take a long bath – complete with bubbles!  It’s funny how excited these kids get to play with bubbles in the bathroom!

The kids already have planned their big outing for tomorrow – more parks!  More slides!  More playground!  We’ll just have to see…I’m thinking more naps! I a have a feeling I’ll be vetoed on that plan!

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30 09 2010

That albino aligator looks really cool.

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